Monday, 30 September 2013

NOTW 13: Metal Flip Fiery Blaze

Hi everyone! Sorry for not posting lately, been up to my eyeballs in college work and I'm only just coming up with a routine to do it all efficiently! This weeks post is yet another Nails of the Week post. This week, because we're going into autumn I wanted to have a darker look to my nails, so I decided to try my new Miss Sporty Metal Flip polish in the shade 'Fiery Blaze' (I'm going to review all of the Metal Flip polishes soon, so keep an eye open!) which is a beautiful duo-chrome purple, brown, green... oh what the hell it has TONNES of different colours in it! All I can say is I absolutely LOVE this polish, it looks so beautiful and funky and has a very rock chick look about it! In the shade the polish has a gorgeous metallic purple look to it but when it's in the light it shows up green, blue and brown. The application was a bit tricky as the polish was a it gloopy, however it did dry really quickly and it hardened well too! These pictures really don't do it justice but I definitely recommend these polishes because they look stunning on the nails and they are really fun to work with!

Friday, 13 September 2013

NOTW 12: Matte Black and Shiny Silver

Hey! Hope everyone's doing well this 'fine' (rainy!) day! This week, I didn't want to do an intricate design yet I still wanted more than just one colour so I decided to use my matte topcoat for the first time and chose to do an accent nail to glam things up a bit!
I really love the way this came out and think that, even though it's simple, it adds more to the look and does look really great! For my black I used my Rimmel polish in the shade 'Black Cab' and this was a great polish which became opaque in 2 coats but there was something wrong with the polish. Sometimes when I was applying my first coat it would just be like water and wouldn't come off on to my nail so I had to shake the bottle to mix it back up! Bit disappointed with that but I don't think it's much to complain about! The accent silver nail was done with a polish that came in a set by 'Lumier' and was so easy to apply! It was really pigmented and I could probably have passes with one coat but I put 2 on just to be safe! For my matte nails I just applied my Rimmel matte top coat and waited for it to dry. It dried really quickly and hardened my nails well too!
Overall I really like this look for a quick and easy design that still looks great!

Sunday, 8 September 2013

DIY Photo Cubes!

The other day I wanted to make something, and I was also thinking about putting some pictures up to decorate my room. So I thought, why not put them both together and have a funky display in the end too! I decided to make these photo cubes with pictures of me and friends on all sides and I think they look really cool and add a great touch to a room! If you want to know how I made these then just keep on reading!