Friday, 8 August 2014

Technic Nudes Palette First Impressions + Makeup Look

Hello there! So recently I was shopping with one of my friends and she was hunting down a eye palette to take on holiday. I don't think she realised how bad a decision it was to take me; as we'd end up spending hours looking at the same types of palettes and eventually decide not to get anything! But this trip I did end up with an exciting find... Enter Technic's Nudes palette!

So I'm a sucker for a cheap palette, I know some of them can be hit and miss and that can be quite disappointing, but it gets me really excited when I find a palette that's both affordable and half decent! I think the only products I have from Technic are nail polishes so when I saw this I was keen to see if they were good quality. 

Colour Range
The colours in this palette are great for everyday and it contains colours that can create both a natural look and a smokey look. All shadows contain shimmer and this is nice but I do think that the palette could have been improved with either a matte contour colour or a matte black. This palette comes with highlight shades, all-over-lid colours and contour colours which means a variety of looks can be created just using this palette.

This palette only cost £1.49 and the quality of these for that price are absolutely brilliant! They're not chalky or powdery and the shimmer and colour really comes through on the skin! 
The colours can be seen a lot better than this photo shows!
No primer was used under the shadows.

Application and blend-ability
The shadows apply with very little fallout and can be easily built up on the eye. They were smooth and the colour came out very well. I used a normal shadow brush to apply these shadows and I found them very easy to apply and only a little product was needed. They were also very easy to blend but as with other shadows, when blended, a little more product was needed to bring back the full colour. Other than this the shadows were great to apply and a breeze to blend!

I wanted to see the true durability of these shadows so I didn't use a primer with them. I can say that these shadows actually stay put on the eye for a good few hours! I have quite oily lids so I do usually have to use a primer but even without one these shadows kept their colour for a long time! After this time though the colour does start to fade a little but the shimmer still stays; I think if I had used a primer that these would have lasted a while longer but for everyday use I think the durability is fine! 

Makeup look!
I thought it would be a good idea to try to use just this palette to create a look to see if the range was good enough to create a full look with no other products! This is always a useful thing to test as it helps you decide what palettes/shadows you need when travelling. I think I did an OK job and I believe the palette does create a wearable everyday look but I do think that a matte colour needed to be thrown in there just to separate the shimmers!

Colours Used

Overall thoughts
All in all I think this is a great palette that can be used to create an everyday makeup look. For the price of the palette the pigmentation is great and the colours apply smoothly to the eye! I definitely recommend this palette and I think I may pick up some other shadows from Technic in the future. I've always loved this brand for their nail polishes but now I have another love and I think that their products are both affordable and good quality!
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  1. this palette looks so nice, you can't go wrong with a pretty nude palette :) x

    1. It is great, especially for the price! :D thanks for the link I'll check it out now ^.^ xx