Wednesday, 4 March 2015

NOTW 16: Lacey Bahama Mama

One of my best friends bought me Essie's Bahama Mama for Christmas which is a beautiful berry, wine-like colour. I think this is a colour that works all throughout the year and one idea I was really excited to try was a base of Bahama Mama and a white design on top. I had a look through the stamps I have and thought that this flower design would be a great choice as it looks pretty, interesting and elegant! I also thought it would work quite well with the white and I wasn't disappointed!

The polish itself (Bahama Mama) applies so evenly and has great pigment. It only took 2 thin coats to become opaque but more coats would also change the colour slightly, so it's a really versatile polish! It dried pretty quickly too which is a benefit! The stamps I used (Cheeky Stamps) applied evenly too but I do think I need to invest in a proper white stamping polish or use an alternative white as the Barry M one I used just didn't turn out as white as I'd hoped. The overall design was still visible and looked good though so I'm not too disappointed! I also used my Essence topcoat again and I still wasn't disappointed! I loved this design and think it would be a great design for many different occasions and the colour will work all throughout the year!

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