Saturday, 28 February 2015

Technic Bronze Palette First Impressions!

A few months ago (...last August, oops!) I reviewed Technic's Nudes eyeshadow palette and overall I really liked it (link here if you're interested). Today I have another one of their palettes and this one is their Bronze palette. Bronze shades really suit me as I have blue eyes and once again, Technic have not let me down!
This palette has a great range of bronze shades from light to dark which means there is the choice of creating an entire look from just this one palette; great for travelling! The lightest shade in this palette is an incredibly shimmery, iridescent off white colour which works brilliantly as a highlight as it catches the light in such a nice way! The darkest shade is a matte brown that really helps when creating a look, because when all shadows being used are shimmery it can be a bit overpowering. So this is a great addition to the palette! All of the shades in between have a variety of uses depending on what kind of look you are going for. For a simple look they can be used on the lid or for a more in depth look they can be used in the crease and I just think this palette has been thought through because of the versatility of the shades! My favourite colour in the palette has to be the 2nd from last which is a deep coppery brown colour that really makes my eyes pop!

The shadows apply really well too! The pigmentation is great and they blend really easily. They're really smooth and create an even wash of colour. Even the matte shade is great quality- which is good considering most cheaper matte shadows are quite chalky!

As you can see there is a great range in colours and the highlight shade is absolutely beautiful!

All in all, this palette is a great find and I would definitely recommend it if you have blue eyes or enjoy using bronze shades. I think it would be a great palette to take away with you as it's very compact and can be used to create a variety of looks! The pigmentation is great and it's also very affordable! Thanks for reading, if you have any comments or questions please leave them below as I answer all of them! If you were deciding whether to buy this palette I hope I've helped you decide and let me know what you thought of the palette. If you enjoyed this post please check out some of my others, and if you like those, feel free to follow! Once again, thanks for reading and I'll speak to you in my next post. Byee! xx

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