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W7 In the Buff: Lightly Toasted vs. MUA's Undressed palette. Naked Palette DUPES!

So if you saw a few of my last posts you would know that I recently bought a few palettes from W7 that are dupes for Urban Decay's Naked 1 + 2 palettes. Little did I know that I already had an original Naked Palette dupe from MUA (Makeup Acadamy). I thought it would be a good idea to test these palettes against each other as they are both around the same price, so... lets get into the post!

As I said in my review of the Lightly Toasted palette (link here if you're interested) I've been wanting one of the Naked palettes for ages but I just couldn't bring myself to spend that much money on one! So when I found the W7 dupe I was so excited. Well, the other day I was looking through my collection of palettes and came across my MUA Undressed palette and thought it looked mighty similar to the W7 one. I compared the 2 next to each other and realised that the MUA one is also a dupe for the original Naked palette! I've had the MUA one for quite a while now and love using it in my looks. Here are the swatches from the MUA palette...
Top Row
Bottom Row
 Most of the colours are incredibly pigmented for such a small amount of money. However, some of the lighter colours are a little bit harder to work with to get a good payoff but this isn't really an issue as they are quite buildable! (Mainly matte shades and highlight colours.) They all blend really nicely and have an incredibly nice texture!

The W7 palette also has phenomenal quality for its price and the colours are also almost a complete match to the naked palette! The quality of the mattes are slightly better than the MUA but I think some of the shimmers need a bit more to get a full block of colour!

I thought it would be a good idea to compare each colour side by side to see which ones are better from which palette. As said, the ones on the left are by W7 and the ones on the right are MUA. Some of the colours do differ in each palette but only very slightly. I'm also not very sure which one is more like the Naked palette as I don't have it to compare them to. So I'll just say which colour I prefer and which one has a better quality! I will use the names of the official Naked palette to reference them as it will bring all the shades and palettes together, so you know which shades I'm on about!

There is a swatch for the first shade but they are both so sheer you can't see them at all. They are OK for highlight shades as they have a slight sheen but I don't think they're the best! The second shade- Sin- is a beautiful rose gold shimmer that works well in the inner corner of the eye as well as all over the lid. I think I prefer the W7 one for this shade as it has a more concentrated colour and the shimmer is more subtle. Naked is a matte beige/brown colour that works brilliantly as a base colour or in the crease. W7 wins this colour as it is a lot more pigmented and not as chalky as the MUA one. As you can see, the MUA one has very little pigment. Sidecar is a lovely subtle gold colour that looks lovely on the lid. Again, I prefer W7 for this as the glitter is more even and has a more even finish. Buck is the only other matte colour in the palette and is slightly darker than Naked. It works well as a crease colour and I prefer W7's shadow and it is a lot more pigmented. I've found that with a lot of MUA's matte shades that they are more chalky and difficult to apply than their shimmers; which is a shame as their shimmers are brilliant quality! Half Baked is a very intense gold colour that looks almost foil like. I think overall I prefer the MUA one as it just has a better colour and texture. The MUA one is slightly darker than the W7 and the shimmers are notably different from each other.

This is where the colour differences become very obvious. Smog is a really pretty bronze shimmer and the W7 one comes out quite a bit darker and more chocolatey- shall we say- than the MUA one, which is more gold-like. The quality of both is amazing but I think I prefer the W7 one. Darkhorse is a very deep brown with a small hint of green in it. I think it's the shimmer in it that makes it look like this. Overall I prefer the MUA in this one as it just has a better finish regarding colour (my preference) and shimmer. Toasted is an absolutely beautiful coppery red shade and I think it's one of my favourite colours in the palette. It comes out a bit lighter on the skin but still gives a gorgeous wash of colour! Once again I'd say that the MUA one is most like the colour in the palette and gives a better finish overall. Hustle is another brown colour, which when swatched looks quite similar to Darkhorse but a bit more shimmery. For this one I prefer the W7 shade as it packs more colour and just looks more shimmery. Creep is a shimmery black colour that I think would look great as part of a smokey eye. Although the MUA one is slightly more pigmented I prefer the finish of the W7 one as it isn't as chalky and applies more evenly. The last shade, Gunmetal is a blue-silver shimmer and another one of my favourites. MUA wins this one as it's more pigmented, more shimmery and has a more creamy texture to it. I absolutely love this colour but there is a big difference between the colour of the MUA one and the W7 one, although I still like the colour of the W7 one I do prefer the colour payoff of the one from MUA.

So I prefer 7 of the W7 shades and 4 of the MUA ones. If we were going by this then I would say that the W7 is the better investment as the quality is better for the majority of shade for around the same price range. However I have only seen the W7 palette online and if you wanted to view the shades before you buy it then I'd recommend the MUA one. Personally I do prefer the W7 one and I think that if you've been looking for the Naked Palette for a while this is a good choice as it has all round amazing quality! I hope that this post has helped you if you were unsure whether to buy one of these products and if you have any comments please feel free to leave them below as I love reading them and reply to them all! Once again, thanks for reading and if you enjoyed this, check out some of my other posts or follow this blog! Speak to you in my next post. Byee! xx

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