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My Everyday Eye Essentials + Quick Review!

This is a follow on post from my last post (obviously...) in which I spoke about my everyday base products, so if you haven't read that yet, here is the link! But to recap, these are the eye products I use on an everyday basis just because I find them brilliant and easy to use! Each product will have a mini review and a bit of a description. So I hope you enjoy reading!

Pencil Liner

I use a black pencil liner on my tightline to make my lashes look thicker and add volume. I also use a nude/skin coloured liner occasionally on my lower water line to make my eyes appear bigger- its difficult to look good on a morning when you don't function properly until 1PM! The black liner I use is actually a gel liner in pencil form from Avon. It's their SuperShock Gel pencil and applies really smoothly and has incredibly good colour! I do sometimes get a bit of transfer on to my lower waterline and sometimes even further, but this has happened on very few occasions and I think overall it's a great product! I bought this from Avon and I think it was on offer, but it's normal price is £6 which isn't that bad for a gel!
Quick Review
  • Applies smoothly- it isn't difficult to get an even line and you don't have to run it back and forth to get some product!
  • Great pigmentation- I have the black one and it is incredibly black! It is such good quality.
  • Long lasting- this does last a long time and gives a great effect when dry, which brings me onto the next point...
  • Can transfer- I have found that if I don't allow it to dry and set it, it can smudge onto the lower lashline and further down my face! But this isn't a problem if I set it and is a great product other wise!
  • Very easy to use- This is the easiest gel liner I have used as I don't get on with gels otherwise, but this made it very easy!

Liquid Liner/Felt Liner

I love creating a wing and lining my lash line with a black eyeliner as it really makes my eyes look bigger. I have fairly small eyes but applying a liner on my top lashes really opens my eyes. I wear a wing on my eyes most days and I've found that my favourite liner ever is Rimmel's Scandaleyes Felt tip liner! This product saves my life on mornings as its so simple and easy to use and doesn't create any mess at all! The tip is precise and allows you to get to get right into the lashes and it makes it so easy to create an even wing on both sides! I definitely recommend this product if you struggle with liquid liners!
Quick Review
  • Precise tip- allows a variety of thicknesses of line to be created
  • Long lasting- this liner lasts all day on my eyes with no transferring or fading of colour
  • Great pigmentation- this liner is very black which is useful as it means you don't have to keep going over the same areas to build up colour
  • Doesn't dry out- I've found that with a lot of felt liners they dry out incredibly quickly after you've bought them, but the Rimmel one lasts for months and I think it has only dried out when there was genuinely very little product left. It's definitely worth the money!
  • Easy to use- this is so easy to use and is great for people who aren't very good with liquid as it is very easy to control! It's also very easy to create even wings without much hassle!
  • Great price- this product is a great price for its longevity and its quality. It's only £5.49 from Superdrug


One thing that makes your eyes stand out and really pulls a look together is mascara! I don't actually have a favourite mascara as of yet but I use a combination of lengthening mascaras and volumising mascaras. One thing I hate is spidery lashes and some volumising mascaras can end up giving this effect so I'm always weary of using them. One of the mascaras I am enjoying using right now, however, is NYC's (New York Color) Big Bold Mascara which is one of their volumising mascaras. I often use this after using a lengthening mascara as this offers great volume but doesn't really do much for length. I often use this by first removing the excess product by wiping it on the tube or a small tissue which I find gives better results!
Quick Review
  • Very affordable- £3.99 from Superdrug
  • No transfer- this product doesn't transfer onto the eyelid or under eye area even though it isn't waterproof!
  • Volumising- great at volumising lashes and making them look thicker, it's also very pigmented.
  • Big brush- this mascara has a very big brush which is good for laying on product but can make it difficult to get the lashes on the inner corner.
  • No clumps- when the excess is wiped off (I definitely recommend this) there are no clumps on the lashes when using this mascara!
Those are my eye essentials and favourites for everyday! These products just make my life so much easier to get ready and they're all really affordable too! Thanks for reading, I hope that if you were planning on buying any of these products I've helped you decide. If you have any comments or suggestions on what products I should try please leave them below as I love reading them and reply to them all! If you liked this then check out some of my other posts and if you like those, follow me! Once again, thanks for reading and I'll speak to you in my next post. Byee! xx

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