Wednesday, 4 February 2015

My Everyday Base Makeup Essentials + Quick Review!

I wear makeup on most days and I tend to reach for the same products everyday, it's not that I don't have a variety of products to choose from, it's just that the products I use are so reliable and easy to work with I don't feel the need to try something else! Here are some of the base products (foundation, powder etc.) that I use on a daily basis and a quick little review on all of them. Enjoy!

Because my skin isn't the clearest naturally, I prefer to wear a higher coverage foundation. So far the best foundation I have tried that has managed to cover my blemishes and even out the colour without being too heavy is Revlon's Colorstay foundation. The coverage is great and it blends so well! It really is a great product! However I do think that sometimes it has made my skin worse and more prone to spots, but I think this is my own lazy fault when I can't be arsed to take it off on a night! I have taken more control about my makeup removal on a night now and it does seem to have helped a lot! 

Quick Review!
  • High coverage- covers most discolouration and blemishes.
  • Blends well- can be layered to give a lighter coverage or a completely flawless coverage.
  • Good colour range- I have very pale skin and this foundation has a great range of shades and I have found one that works perfectly with my skin!
  • Affordable- this is available for £12.49, it is a more expensive drugstore foundation but is very cheap for a high coverage foundation as the only other ones I have found have been high-end ones!
  • Great staying power- when set with a powder this foundation has lasted me well over 12 hours without much shine or movement and keeps its coverage!
  • No pump- one of the only problems I have with this product is that it doesn't have a pump, which means that it is hard to control how much comes out of the bottle.

As I have oily skin, I prefer to set my foundation with a powder so that my face doesn't just slide off. I also prefer a more matte look with my makeup as dewy foundation just makes me look sweaty! The powder I'm loving right now- and have been loving for a while- is Collection's Lasting Perfection powder. This makes my skin feel incredibly silky and really does set my makeup in place! I prefer to apply this with the small sponge that came with it as I feel it just makes my skin look a lot more flawless and works better than other brushes I have.
Quick Review!
  • Very Affordable- only £2.99 from Superdrug!
  • Sets liquids in place well- doesn't patch or cling to drier skin
  • Gives velvety feel- when applied with the sponge it gives a very flawless look and evens out skin
  • Long lasting- this powder allows my foundation to last all day without much give!
  • Not too powdery- Doesn't look like flour on your face!

Setting Spray
Even though it's not a base product I felt it fit more into this category than the others! So, I bought a setting spray from Avon a few months ago and I cannot believe how much it changed the longevity of my makeup! It really does what it says on the tin and sets my makeup in place all day! It doesn't feel sticky and I think it is a great product overall!
Quick Review
  • Even coverage- when held at a good distance this spray covers the entire face with an even layer of product
  • Not sticky- this sets everything in place like a hairspray but doesn't make your face feel sticky or tacky
  • Not drying- this doesn't make your face feel like it's covered in glue or dry your skin out.
  • Allows makeup to last longer- sets makeup for a long time and has helped my makeup last for 10+ hours!
So those are the products I use on a daily basis, there will also be another post on the other makeup I use on a daily basis, such as my eyeliner and other eye products, so when that post is up there should be a link here! Thanks for reading and I hope that these mini reviews have been helpful if you were deciding whether to buy any of these products. If you liked this, please check out some of my other posts and feel free to comment any questions, I reply to them all and love reading them! Once again, thanks for reading and I'll speak to you in my next post. Byee! xx

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